1. Three seagulls and St. Charles Island

  2. Test shot on a Kodak Tourist camera.

    Foster Beach, Chicago, 2014 

    I was a little amazed by the quality of the negative. I have played around with old Kodak cameras before and didn’t care for the results. But this camera did very well. Its fastest shutter speed is 1/100 sec and widest aperture is f8.8 but it does close down to f3.2 so it lends itself to landscapes. Though I would like to use it for portraits, I kinda like the format. 

  3. Holga Panoramic on the beach.

    completely forgot about this roll of film until Charles at Central Camera asked me about it. 

  4. Must of been one crazy party at Montrose beach over the weekend. 

  5. At the beach after a storm

  7. Football away 

  9. She wore a winter coat to the beach

  10. waiting in the shade