1. Candid scene in Pilsen 

  2. Guard Dog in the window

  4. Three years later

    A group of about a dozen occupiers and supports came to the LaSalle and  Jackson corner where the main protests were held during the hight of the occupy movement. 

    Saw a few familiar faces there, one guy pointed out that a lot of those who came to that corner to protest three years ago are involved in some other form of activism elsewhere. 

  6. Pilsen at sunset looking east. 

  7. Siesta cat 

  8. Rally to show support for Denzel Ford. 

  9. Family, friends and supports march on Chicago’s westside to show support for Denzel Ford. The man who allegedly, after being pulled over tried to run over a police officer after their two vehicles collied. Police opened fire, hitting Mr. Ford eight times, he survived and is in critical condition. The officer injured is also recovering. 

  10. Mexican flags for sale