3. Dance 

  4. Balloon toys 

  5. Geek Skquad Dance Team

  6. Protester holding the Assyrian flags at Daley Plaza in Chicago as they protest the attacks on Christian in Northern Iraq by ISIS.

  7. "You got to beat these people with the truth" 

    Mike Brechenridge with a wooden cross and the symbole ISIS is painting on the doors of Christians in Northern Iraqi was protesting with the Iraqi Christians today at Daley Plaza. “I am a supporter of stopping the slaughter of Christians.” “Mohammed had a charter for Christians. Muslims were suppose to protect Christians.”

  8. Portrait of Andrew

  9. This is a Gopro video piece I have been working on this year. I attached a Gopro on my 5Dmarkii and recored what happened while I was shooting. 

  10. Test shot on a Kodak Tourist camera.

    Foster Beach, Chicago, 2014 

    I was a little amazed by the quality of the negative. I have played around with old Kodak cameras before and didn’t care for the results. But this camera did very well. Its fastest shutter speed is 1/100 sec and widest aperture is f8.8 but it does close down to f3.2 so it lends itself to landscapes. Though I would like to use it for portraits, I kinda like the format.