1. Girl with her blow up lover 

  2. Condoms flapper girl.

    Weegee Halloween 

  3. Weegee Halloween 

    Year eight on this really strange documentary. 

  4. Worked on my condemned project today. Here you can see the difference between the print and the negative, so much more detail.

    Also this is how I keep the wet negatives from getting smashed together. Gaffing them to the inside of old print boxes. 

  5. Jumping the puddle at the Polish Triangle, Chicago.


  6. Summer time swim, just south of North Ave beach.

  7. Boy jumping puddle at Polish Triangle, Chicago

    Impossible 8x10 Silver Shade film from 35mm Kodachrome slide.  


  8. 8x10 Impossible Film

    Today I got my first box of the Impossible Projects PQ 8x10 Silver Shade film in the mail!!!!!!

    So I will be working with my Polaroid Polaprinter 8x10 Slide Printer all weekend. Time to dig for some old slides. 

  9. Condemned 

  10. My new Project,


    I”m driving around Chicago photographing as many of the buildings in the city that have the red “x” on them. As of 2010 there were 15,000ish. 

    Im using my Speed Graphic Pacemaker with a polaroid back loaded with Fuji fp 3000b.