1. Condemned series 

  2. Holga Panoramic on the beach.

    completely forgot about this roll of film until Charles at Central Camera asked me about it. 

  3. I was going through some print boxes today, when I came across a pack of polaroid film I shot during my first Tour De Fat in Chicago. Such a great festival. 

  4. A Kodachrome slide from the first Tour De Fat I ever went to in Chicago 


  5. Test shot with the Holga Panoramic 


  6. Got a new gallery up about my documentary on the condemned homes in Chicago

  7. Girl with her blow up lover 

  8. Condoms flapper girl.

    Weegee Halloween 

  9. Weegee Halloween 

    Year eight on this really strange documentary. 

  10. Worked on my condemned project today. Here you can see the difference between the print and the negative, so much more detail.

    Also this is how I keep the wet negatives from getting smashed together. Gaffing them to the inside of old print boxes.