1. Off to North Dakota

    Its 1,000 miles to Williston North Dakota, the center of the Oil Boom.

    We got half a tank of gas,

    Two packs of oatmeal pies,

    One bag of Swedish Fish,

    And a crap load of photo gear. 


  2. Pilsen on the Fourth of July soon to be a Quimby’s bookstore

    My zine, “Pilsen on the fourth of July” is going to be on sale at Quimby’s bookstore. 

  3. St the Cat 

  4. I got a Lomography Belair 6x12 a while ago and just recently decided to put something up. 

    Thinking about the glass lens.

  5. Happy accident, while reading the meter.

  6. When your bus breaks down by the beach go for a walk 


  7. Going to Pilsen to document the 4th of July celebrations. Four years and still going.

    New work to come this weekend

  8. I got my Moo postcards! 

  9. Humbolt Park 


    Puerto Rican Pride 

  10. Business cards from Moo